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A Patient Reported Outcomes
(PRO/ePRO) Collection Service

The easy and affordable way to collect PROs for research trials, health registries and quality compliance

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Medicare’s PRO-PM reporting period has started!

STATIX can help you comply with this policy. Join at our low introductory price. Learn more about our PRO-PM Subscription

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We help investigator-initiated researchers obtain patient-reported outcomes (ePRO/PROs)

  • Problem
    PRO/ePRO collection is notoriously difficult, labor intensive, technically challenging, and expensive

    Adherence to PRO is vital to a project's validity. A 20-30% rate of attrition, non-response, drop-out, and lost to follow-up is common, and is a major criticism of published science

  • Solution
    STATIX offers a simple and affordable PRO/ePRO collection service

    Our customized “software as a service” platform that combines web, mobile app, phone and mailed data collection.

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Our Hardworking Team

Brook I. Martin, PhD MPH

Founder and CEO Brook is an Associate Professor and musculoskeletal outcomes researcher at the University of Utah’s Department of Orthopaedics. Through a 25-year career in musculoskeletal disease research, he has served as a methodological and technical expert on randomized clinical trials and prospective observational studies. With a Health Services doctoral degree focusing on evaluative sciences, he is interested in the use of PROs to advance evidence-based decision-making.

Daniel J. Finch

Senior Advisor Dan is an Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA. He is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine, earning both an MD with research honors and an MBA. He pursues clinical research with an emphasis on patient-reported outcomes and enjoys working at the intersection of patient care, research, and innovation.


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STATIX can be purchased for use by a single client, an institution, or as a monthly subscription for special quality programs like Medicare's Patient-Reported Outcomes Performance Measure (PRO-PM). We also offer the platform through a Master Contract Agreement for those seeking to use the platform to manage their own data collection business.

Medicare's Hip/Knee Patient-Reported Outcome-Based Performance Measure (PRO-PM)

  • Single center
  • Unlimited TKA/THA participants
  • Surveys based on PRO-PM model
  • Mobile ePRO app
  • STATIX follow-up

$249 / month
+ $30 per joint replacement patient

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Single Client

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Mobile ePRO app
  • STATIX follow-up

$1,950 / month
+ $15.00/participant-survey

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  • Multiple client sites
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Mobile ePRO app
  • STATIX follow-up

$7,500 / month
+ $15.00/participant-survey

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Master Contract

  • Run your own PRO/ePRO data collection center using STATIX's platform and mobile app
  • Set own pricing, find clients, manage follow-up surveillance

$120K / 3-year contract

5% / Royalty

2% / hosting and app fee

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Single client and institution prices may vary based on study design. Contact us for specific quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • -Host web-enabled content management system

    -Multi-modal data collection

    -Participant survey portal

    -Mobile ePRO app<< /p>

    -Toll-free participant phone

    -Reply mail surveys

    -Phone interviewer with Smart Queue

    -Contact attempt logging

    -Electronic (ePRO) data capture

  • We provide reliable, documented efforts from trained staff, ensure a high level of contact with participants, maintain an online participant portal, and use automated reminders to ensure a PRO collection.

  • STATIX includes human workflow and technical safeguards defined by principles of minimum necessity, separation of duties, and least privilege. These include:

    -Amazon Web Service Hosting

    -Strong password-protection

    -2-factor authentication

    -User access logging

    -HIPAA, CFR Title 45, 164.502(e) and 164.504(e), CFR Title 21, part 11, and NIST compliant.

    -128-bit encryption with secure socket layers (SSL)

    -Routine back up

  • The data we collect on belongs to our clients; we will make no effort to use, distribute, or disseminate it without the express approval of our client.

    Our confidentiality agreement recognizes the proprietary nature of our client’s research and that they, as the innovator and initiator of the research, possess exclusive rights over the information and intellectual property entered into STATIX’s system and the data collected by STATIX on behalf of their study.

    Clients can download the data, along with a codebook, for their projects in real time from their user dashboard. They can also monitor key performance metrics and embed cloud-based reports (e.g., from Tableau, Power BI) to their dashboard.

  • Multiple PRO/ePRO question types with built in validation, and value labels:




    -Check boxes

    -Radio buttons

    -Drop-down lists


    -Slider bar scale

    -Upload and download

    Additional features includes screening validation, a random assignment generator, custom timing of PRO/ePRO surveys, and control of participant centers

  • General

    STATIX, LLC is responsible for collecting research data from you on behalf of a research client. We received your contact information from the client. We treat all the data that we collect as confidential and recognize the importance of protecting it. We appreciate your willingness to participate in research and value your trust. This notice describes our privacy practices regarding information collected for research purposes.

    Information We Collect:

    We collect and maintain contact information that has been provided so that we can contact you in order to administer research surveys in accordance with the study that you are participating in. The information which we collect and maintain includes the following:

    -Contact information such as your phone number, mailing address, and e-mail

    -Information provided directly from you in response to a research survey

    -Information we receive from the researchers whose study you are participating in

    -Information about attempts we made to contact you order to collect research data

    We will contact you to collect information defined by the specific research study that you are participating in. When we collect this information from you it is recorded into an electronic database and identified by a unique study identification number that we create.

    How We Protect Your Information:

    The data we collect is considered to be property of the researcher and is delivered directly to them. As affiliated researchers, we will also share with them changes to the contact information we collect about you and a listing of the attempts which we have made to contact you in order to collect research data.

    Sharing Data to Third Parties:

    We do not sell the data that we collect about you to any individual or group, and we will not provide the data that we collect about you to any individual or group not directly related to the study, except when required to by law.


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